Thursday, October 4, 2007

Where to buy

In the previous two posts, I mearly listed as many toy companies as I could find and where they make their products. While you can often times buy their toys directly from them, most can also be bought through various toy sellers. As always if you know of someone I haven't thought of, please let me know!!

Sites labeled *** are my favorites!!

A Toy Garden -
A Toy Garden sells natural toys, many made in the USA.

Arts in Heaven -
Amish made toys, furniture and gifts. Made in Ohio.

euroToyShop has a wide selection of european toys for all ages. Selecta, Lego, Kathe Kruse and many more

***FatBrain Toys -***
FatBrain is a specialty and educational toy company. They have a huge variety of toys, including some very unique stuff. Some of them have country-of-origin labeling, and some do not. You just have to look!

Future Heirlooms -

Future Heirlooms sells handmade Amish furniture, children's furniture, toys, trains, and doll furniture.

Magic Cabin -
Magic Cabin sells a variety of creative toys. Many made in the USA.

***Maukilo Toys -***
Maukilo is another european toy reseller. They are in the proccess of labeling where all the different toys are made.

Moolka Toys -
Moolka, yet another european toy reseller, has taken a different tack and has mearly listed where the various companies make their toys rather than label each one individually. As some companies make their toys in various countries this isn't nearly as handy, but its better than nothing.

Nature's Crib -
Sells "natural" products for the home. Organic bedding, baby stuff and wooden toys.

***Oompa Toys -***
Oompa toys was where my search for toys not-made-in-china began. They have a huge selection of european toys, though some are made in China. But, they have now clearly labeled every toy where it was made.

***Our Greenhouse -***
Our Greenhouse has a variety of natural products. Look for the "Toys Made in the USA" link on the left!

Pristine Planet -
Pristine Planet is an "eco-friendly comparison shopping site" - as such, it can be used to help you find the best prices on eco-friendly products from clothes and toys to cleaning products.

***Rosie Hippo - ***
Rosie Hippo sells a wide variety of wooden and natural toys (including many waldorf-style). All of their toys are clearly labeled where they come from. The vast majority are made in the US, Canada or Europe with only a few exceptions. They have some very unique and cool stuff.

Tiny Bird Organics -
Tiny Bird Organics carries a variety of organic baby goods, focusing on baby clothes and accesories. They also have some very nice wooden toys, some of which are made in the USA, look for North Star Toys and Unfinished Wooden Toys.

***Willow Tree Toys -***
Willow Tree Toys sells natural and organic toys. Look for the "Toys Made in the USA and Europe" link on the right!

Zebulon USA -
Zebulon USA is a site full of products, all made in the USA. Toys, furniture, books, you name it, they have it.

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You should also list They have a fine selection of European toys and each is tagged with its country of manufacture. A bit more age variety than the other places as well.

Deirdre said...


Their current production plants are the yellow squares: 2 in western Europe, 1 in Eastern Europe and 1 in the US. According to their annual report they are also in progress of outsourcing to a plant in Mexico.

Michelle said...

Great blog!

Canadians can find Vermont's Maple Landmark Toys as well as European infant toys at

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Maryam's Mommy said...

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