Sunday, February 3, 2008

This is why I am boycotting Mattel & Chinese made toys!

These are the kinds of stories that just really piss me off and make me determined not to buy any of Mattel's products ever again.

56 Members of Congress want to know why Mattel CEO Robert Eckert refuses to issue a nationwide recall for a toy blood-pressure cuff that is contaminated with lead. The affected blood-pressure cuff, sold as part of the Fisher-Price Medical Kit, was recalled exclusively in Illinois after Mattel received a complaint from State Attorney General Lisa Madigan. Legislators want Eckert to stand by a pledge made to reassure a jittery public before the holiday buying season that Mattel would 'earn back our trust with deeds, not just with words.'

I've been hearing about this for months now. It took a while, but Mattel eventually recalled it in Illinois - where they have stricter laws about lead in children's products. The CSPC is "investigating" but has yet to take any action. How many other toys are sitting out there in stores and in peoples homes with crazy amounts of lead and other chemicals that simply haven't been recalled, because Mattel or Hasbro or whomever are too worried about their bottom line?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Where to buy

In the previous two posts, I mearly listed as many toy companies as I could find and where they make their products. While you can often times buy their toys directly from them, most can also be bought through various toy sellers. As always if you know of someone I haven't thought of, please let me know!!

Sites labeled *** are my favorites!!

A Toy Garden -
A Toy Garden sells natural toys, many made in the USA.

Arts in Heaven -
Amish made toys, furniture and gifts. Made in Ohio.

euroToyShop has a wide selection of european toys for all ages. Selecta, Lego, Kathe Kruse and many more

***FatBrain Toys -***
FatBrain is a specialty and educational toy company. They have a huge variety of toys, including some very unique stuff. Some of them have country-of-origin labeling, and some do not. You just have to look!

Future Heirlooms -

Future Heirlooms sells handmade Amish furniture, children's furniture, toys, trains, and doll furniture.

Magic Cabin -
Magic Cabin sells a variety of creative toys. Many made in the USA.

***Maukilo Toys -***
Maukilo is another european toy reseller. They are in the proccess of labeling where all the different toys are made.

Moolka Toys -
Moolka, yet another european toy reseller, has taken a different tack and has mearly listed where the various companies make their toys rather than label each one individually. As some companies make their toys in various countries this isn't nearly as handy, but its better than nothing.

Nature's Crib -
Sells "natural" products for the home. Organic bedding, baby stuff and wooden toys.

***Oompa Toys -***
Oompa toys was where my search for toys not-made-in-china began. They have a huge selection of european toys, though some are made in China. But, they have now clearly labeled every toy where it was made.

***Our Greenhouse -***
Our Greenhouse has a variety of natural products. Look for the "Toys Made in the USA" link on the left!

Pristine Planet -
Pristine Planet is an "eco-friendly comparison shopping site" - as such, it can be used to help you find the best prices on eco-friendly products from clothes and toys to cleaning products.

***Rosie Hippo - ***
Rosie Hippo sells a wide variety of wooden and natural toys (including many waldorf-style). All of their toys are clearly labeled where they come from. The vast majority are made in the US, Canada or Europe with only a few exceptions. They have some very unique and cool stuff.

Tiny Bird Organics -
Tiny Bird Organics carries a variety of organic baby goods, focusing on baby clothes and accesories. They also have some very nice wooden toys, some of which are made in the USA, look for North Star Toys and Unfinished Wooden Toys.

***Willow Tree Toys -***
Willow Tree Toys sells natural and organic toys. Look for the "Toys Made in the USA and Europe" link on the right!

Zebulon USA -
Zebulon USA is a site full of products, all made in the USA. Toys, furniture, books, you name it, they have it.

Toys Made in Europe

Scratch                                                          Made in Czech Republic
Hama Beads                                                  Made in Denmark
Vliac -                                                            Made in France/China
LEGO                                                             Made in Germany
Currently all are made in europe, mostly germany but they are building a factory in Mexico.
L'oiseau Bateau                                            Made in France/E. Europe
Cloth toys, dolls, etc

Grimm's Spiel & Holz                                   Made in Germany
Hess -                                                            Made in Germany
Heros -                                                          Made in Germany
Wooden blocks and toys

Holtzinger                                                     Made in Germany
K├Ąthe Kruse                                                  Made in Germany

Kettler                                                           Made in Germany
Childrens' bicycles, tricycles, and other ride-on toys
Playmobil                                                      Made in Germany
Plastic playsets
Quadros -                                                      Made in Germnay
Indor and outdoor playground equipment. It rocks!!

Sina -                                                            Made in Germany
Spielstabil                                                    Made in Germany
Plastic sandbox toys.

Togu -                                                           Made in Germany
Plastic balls for phyisical rehabilitation and play.

Faber Castel                                                Made in Germany/Brazil/Indonesia/India
Art supplies - colored pencils, pens, paint, markers, etc

Haba -                                                          Made in Germany
cloth toys made in china, towels and rugs made in india

Lana Organic                                               Made in Germany/Lithuania/Turkey
Selecta Spielzeug -                                       Made in Germany
wooden toys

Chelona                                                        Made in Greece
wooden toys

Sevi                                                              Made in Italy/China
wooden toys and letters

Oeuf                                                             Made in Latvia
Furniture, including childrens' beds and cribs

Bajo -                                                            Made in Poland
Wooden toys

Caran D'ache                                               Made in Switzerland
Drawing and painting supplies

Inoxcrom                                                      Made in Spain
pens, pencils, etc

Toys Made in the USA

The following to manufacturers continue to make their toys in the USA. Organized by Category 

Updated Wednesday October 24, 2007

Building Toys
Barclay Blocks
D & Me Toys Stevensville, MT
ImagiPLAY Wisconsin 
Keva Planks usa
K'NEX Hatfield, PA
Motor components and other special parts made in China.
Roy Toy
Soft Blocks Grand Rapids, MI
Stack and Stick              Goshen, IN
Taurus Toy Co. Biddeford, ME
Zome Tool Denver, CO

Sports and Outdoor Play 
American Whistle Company        Columbus, OH
Aerobie Flying Discs
Arrowcopter Hollister, CA 
FingaZinga USA
Little Tikes Hudson, OH
Many products still made in USA. Look for "Made in USA" link on site.
Louisville Slugger Louisville, KY
All bats made in USA, as well as the Practice Partner Premium Line and some accessories। (gloves and bags are made in the Philippines). 
LunaStix                     Salt Lake City, UT
Missouri Washer Works
Olympic Jump Rope Portland, OR
Rolli Rider                           Cupertino, CA
The Sports Doctor              New York, NY 
Spring Swing ussa
Standard Target & Dart Co.           St. Clair Shores
Step2                                                                   Streetsboro, OH
"Main Street Village" products are imported। 
Yackle Ball USA
Whacky Music Inc
Wiffle Ball, Inc.                                                     Shelton, CT
Thats right, the original, still USA made!!
Wisconsin Wagon Company

Puzzles, Games & Crafts
Buffalo Games                                                      Buffalo, NY
Carrom Co.                                                           Ludington, MI
Channel Craft                                                       Charleroi, PA
Coloring Card Co.                                                Flemington, NJ
Elms Puzzles                                                         Maine
Family Pastimes                                                    Canada
Frost Hollow Puzzles                                            Conneticut
Fractiles                                                                Boulder, CO 
Kangeroo Hill                                                       USA
Kazoobie Kazoos                                                   Port Richey, FL
Also offering metal kazoos made by The Kazoo Company in Eden, NY
Karmel Games                                                      usa KT
Lauri Toys                                                             Smethport, PA
Available from KazooToys.Com
LoonTune                                                              Minneapolis, MN
Lucy Hammett Games                                           Mineola, TX
Mamopalire of VT, In                                            Warren, VT
Maple Landmark                                                   Middlebury, VT 
My Very Own House                                            Richfield OH
Northeast Model Products                                    Maine
Pogo Plaza Ellenville, NY
Sculpey Polymer Clay                                            Elk Grove Village, IL
Available at Polymer Clay Express or Clay Factory
SunsOut Puzzles                                                     Costa Mesa, CA
Available from Galaxy Puzzles keyword "USA"
Slinky toys and many POOF foam balls still made in Michigan and Pennsylvania.
Tucker-Jones House                                                East Setauket, NY 
Replogo Globes USA
VT Pewter                                                               Brattleboro, VT
United States Playing Card Company                    Cincinnati, OH 
Vogelpik - Beligian Darts                                       USA
Tavern Puzzles                                                        E. Setauket, NY
The Wood Station                                                   Norridgewock, ME
Wikki Stix

General Toys
American Plastic Toys
Duncan YoYo USA
Ento Products USA
Butterfly nets, etc

Stuffed Animals, Dolls & Dress Up

Angie Rogers' Bears                                               Maine 
Basic Brown Bear Factory                                     San Francisco, CA
Chris Miller Doller Clothing                                   USA
Creative Education                                                Toronto, Canada 
Dolls by Margie                                                      Mercersburg, PA
Dolls by Jerri                                                          Charlotte, NC

'Em Bears                                                                St. Lawrence County, NY
Fairy Finery                                                            Golden Valley, Minnesota
Greenleaf Dollhouses                                              Schenevus, NY
Imagination Box Co.                                               Sandpoint, ID
Kathy's Kreations                                                    Phoenix, AZ
Magnetic Paper Dolls, Inc  usa
Mamopalire, Inc Waitsfield, Vermont
Pine Hollow                                                        Berwick, PA
Monster Factory                                                     Canada
Stuffington Bear Factory                                        Pheonix, AZ
Sunshine Teddy Bears                                             USA
Organic cotton stuffed animals                               Vermont

Wooden Toys and Doll Houses 
American Toy Co. Corvallis, Oregon 
Chickory Wood Products Mequon, WI
Cubbyhole Toys West Dundee, IL
Different Drummer Workshop Maine
Elves and Angels Maine
Greenleaf Dollhouses Schenevus, NY
Holgate Toys Bradford, PA
Laughing Moon Ventura, CA
Knockabout Toys    Thomaston, Maine
Maple Landmark Middlebury, VT 
Nova Natural Shelburne, VT
NU-Cut Wood Products USA
Roy Toy Manufacturing Machias, ME
Sanders Toys Portland, OR
Stack & Stick Goshen, IN
Stanzel Flying Models Schulenburg, TX
Storyboard Toys Longmont, CO
TAG Toys Compton, CA
Toys from Times Past Rhodes, MI
Tree NY?
Turner Toys Morrisville, VT
Uncle Goose Toys Grand Rapids, MI
Under the Green Roof Tuscaloosa, AL
Whittle Shortline Railroad St. Louis, MO
Wild Apples Trumansburg, NY
Willow Toys USA
Wood Thats Fun  USA
Worlds Greatest Bath Boats USA
EZ 2 Love Bellwood, PA

Children's Furniture
Little Colorado
Train Tables Indiana
Wee-Boos Guthrie, OK