Sunday, February 3, 2008

This is why I am boycotting Mattel & Chinese made toys!

These are the kinds of stories that just really piss me off and make me determined not to buy any of Mattel's products ever again.

56 Members of Congress want to know why Mattel CEO Robert Eckert refuses to issue a nationwide recall for a toy blood-pressure cuff that is contaminated with lead. The affected blood-pressure cuff, sold as part of the Fisher-Price Medical Kit, was recalled exclusively in Illinois after Mattel received a complaint from State Attorney General Lisa Madigan. Legislators want Eckert to stand by a pledge made to reassure a jittery public before the holiday buying season that Mattel would 'earn back our trust with deeds, not just with words.'

I've been hearing about this for months now. It took a while, but Mattel eventually recalled it in Illinois - where they have stricter laws about lead in children's products. The CSPC is "investigating" but has yet to take any action. How many other toys are sitting out there in stores and in peoples homes with crazy amounts of lead and other chemicals that simply haven't been recalled, because Mattel or Hasbro or whomever are too worried about their bottom line?